EMS Attendance Policy
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Good attendance and punctuality promote attendance and graduation goals established in both state and federal law (NCLBA), are related to high achievement and are important in the work world. Because the Ohio Revised Code Chapter 3321 mandates attendance control, the Willoughby-Eastlake School District will impose state mandates for excused absences, and impose penalties for non-attendance which vary according to the type and frequency of offenses.
  1. Personal illness and/or hospitalization of the student;
  2. Illness in the student’s family;
  3. Quarantine of the student’s home;
  4. Death of a relative;
  5. Attendance at a school sponsored activity;
  6. Observance of the family’s religious holidays;
  7. School bus service failure resulting in absence or tardiness;
  8. When absence is requested by the family for the purposes of a family vacation, college visitation, or a special family need, up to a maximum of five school days;
  9. Other extra-ordinary circumstance approved by the principal.
Absence for any other reason than those listed above shall be considered unexcused.
Procedure to follow to excuse a student’s absence:
  1. A parent must call the school before 9:00 a.m. on day of absence.
  2. If no parent contact is made with the school on the day of the absence, the parent must send a note giving the child’s name, date of absence, reason of absence, parent’s/guardian’s signature and contact phone number.
  3.  A student has only three days to bring is such a note, or the absence is unexcused.
If a student accrues ten excused or unexcused absences, he/she will be required to submit a physician’s note for the absence to be excused. If a student’s attendance does not improve, he/she may be identified as a habitual truant or chronic truant. In accordance with O.R.C.3321.19, the administration will develop intervention strategies for students and parents/guardians of students who have attendance problems which may include:
  1. A truancy intervention program for an habitual/chronic truant;
  2. Counseling for an habitual/chronic truant;
  3. Requiring a parent to attend truancy prevention programs;
  4. Filing a complaint in juvenile court against the student;
  5. Filing against parents/guardians for violating school attendance law;
  6. Notification to the registrar of motor vehicles of the student’s legal status;
 Please help your child to attend school regularly and thus establish a pattern of behavior which will lead to success in school and in life.
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