Excel TECC Policies

The Excel TECC programs have a 15 day absence limit for each school year which means that students who reach 15 days absence may lose credit for the course. Students are expected to fulfill their home school obligations outside of the scheduled class time. When the school where the career technical program is housed is in session, students must attend classes – regardless of whether or not the home school is in session. An exception to this rule is if the home school is closed due to inclement weather. Career Technical Program teachers will honor the home school exam schedule; however the parent must call to report the absence on the days that the student will not be attending due to taking exams. In addition, absences due to state mandated Ohio Graduation Tests will not be counted against the student.
If a student is absent 5 days, the program teacher will notify the parent and home school guidance counselor that the student is at risk of reaching the allowable days missed. Upon 10 absences, the program teacher will notify the parent, home school guidance counselor and the Excel TECC Dean of Students. If a student reaches 15 total absences excused or unexcused, he/she may be terminated from the program and credit may be withheld. If there are extenuating medical circumstances regarding absences, a parent may request a meeting with the Dean of Students and also provide medical documentation for the absences.
If for some reason a student will not be in class, the parent/guardian shall contact the bus transportation supervisor at the home school, as well as the attendance secretaries at the student’s home school and career technical program school. Otherwise the absence is considered unexcused.
Completion Certificates/Tech Prep Credits vs. Participation Certificates
Every Excel TECC program is a Tech Prep program (with the exception of CBI and Job Training), allowing students to receive anywhere from 1-29 articulated college credits. A Completion certificate allowing students to claim college Tech Prep credit is issued to students who meet the program criteria, including an attendance requirement. If a student misses more than 18 days over the course of TWO years, they will only receive a Participation Certificate at the completion of the Career Technical Program and may jeopardize their ability to obtain tech prep college credits. This attendance is not reflected as excused or unexcused days from school but the total days that the student was absent from the class.
Attendance will be promptly taken at the beginning of the start of the program. If a student develops a pattern of being tardy at a rate that would quickly violate the attendance policy, the student may be subject to an attendance hearing to address the tardiness.
Attendance questions can be directed to the attendance office at 440-995-6765 or the Dean of Students at 440-995-6752.
August 15, 2016

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