Dress Code


Dress Code

School Dress Code

Willoughby-Eastlake Middle Schools

                                            School Dress Code


Middle Schools


The school reserves the right to prohibit any clothing or apparel that may potentially disrupt or cause a safety concern in the school environment.


·        Flip-flops are not recommended for safety reasons


Examples of prohibited items include but are not limited to:


·        Torn or frayed jeans or clothing

·        Revealing or skin-tight clothing

·        Tank tops, halter tops, low-cut tops and spaghetti straps

·        Bare midriffs

·        Plunging neck lines that display any cleavage

·        See-thru tops

·        Bra straps must not show or be visible outside of clothing

·        Shorts, skirts, or skorts must not be too short. Mid thigh is acceptable

·        Duct tape or tape on clothing for any reason

·        Large purses or bags

·        Pajama bottoms or look-a-likes, including Spirit Wear

·        Sagging pants, pants are to be worn at the waist

·        Spiked items and chains, loose or sewn on

·        Gloves, full or fingerless

·        Hats, bandanas or head coverings

·        Inappropriate apparel that displays ads or promotions of a sexual nature, alcoholic beverages, tobacco or any other drug, or which advocates violence or the use of force against any institution, individual , racial, ethnic or cultural group, etc.


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