Ohio Pupil Transportation Rules, Regulations and Laws 3301-83
1. Each student is responsible for his/her actions. Misbehavior while boarding or riding the bus can result in student’s loss of transportation privileges. Anyone causing damage will be held liable for the material, labor and cost of the repair.
2. Students shall be at their assigned stop at least five (5) minutes BEFORE the scheduled time.
3. Go directly to an assigned seat. The regular driver shall assign all students a seat and current- seating charts will be kept on the bus. Sit in your seat. Keep your back to the back of the seat, your seat on the seat and your belongings on your lap.
4. Be seated as quickly as possible and stay seated until the bus comes to a complete stop. Do not move from one seat to another. Do not lie down on the seats. Keep arms and legs out of the aisles and exits.
5. No students shall cause any part of his/her body to project from a bus window. No student may throw any object out of the window. Do not throw or pass anything from, in/at or out of the bus.
6. Normal levels of conversation shall be maintained on the bus. No yelling, loud music, improper language or obscene gestures are permitted.
7. Harassment, intimidation or bullying toward another student will not be tolerated. This includes any intentional written, verbal, graphic or physical act towards another student.
8. Students shall not eat, drink or litter on the bus. Help keep the inside of the bus clean. Do not throw anything on the floor or mark the seats or wall with anything. The cost of repair due to vandalism shall be passed on to the student who caused the damage.
9. Students will not cause any disruption or distraction to the driver of the bus.
10. Students shall NOT possess or be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or narcotics on the bus. Students are not permitted to smoke or partake of any type of tobacco, snuff or any look-a-like tobacco product such as an e-cigarette on the bus. Violation of this rule may result in loss of riding privileges for the remainder of the quarter.
11. No fireworks, explosives or other dangerous objects are permitted at any time.
12. Obey the driver promptly and respectfully. Conduct yourself in a courteous manner with respect toward the driver, students and others.
13. If a student is going to be absent or not riding the bus to/from their Tech program, he/she must notify the transporting bus garage that he/she will not be on the bus.
Busses may use video surveillance on all vehicles and/or at bus stops as part of the district safety plan. Activity occurring in these areas may be recorded and used in school/police investigations.
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