Parent Information


Parent Information

Below you will find Parent Referral Form, Permission to Test Form, links to gifted advocacy groups, and numerous opportunities for summer camps, programs and internships.
Ohio Association for Gifted Children (OAGC) advances understanding of the needs of the gifted, promotes establishment of programs and services for gifted students, and encourages the exchange of information on the national, state and local levels.

National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC) is an organization of parents, teachers, educators, other professionals, and community leaders who unite to address the unique needs of children and youth with demonstrated gifts and talents as well as those children who may be able to develop their talent potential with appropriate educational experiences.

Northwestern University's Midwestern Academic Talent Search (NUMATS)
Started in 1982, NUMATS is a program of the Center for Talent Development (CTD) that offers above-grade-level testing for high-performing students in grades 3 through 9. This Talent Search approach is an extremely well-researched and respected program model in gifted education.

Student Education Programs: This website offers many pre-college and summer opportunities at colleges and universities in the state of Ohio as well as other states.

Cleveland Clinic Internships:
The Cleveland Clinic Office of Civic Education Initiatives' Summer Internship Program was designed to increase high school students' interest and literacy in science by expanding their learning experiences beyond the classroom. The program's intensive, nine-week, paid internships provide top students throughout Northeast Ohio with the opportunity to work and learn alongside nationally renowned healthcare professionals in a variety of fields. At the end of the program, students present scientific research or creative projects that they have produced over the nine weeks.

NASA High School Internships:
The LERCIP project at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio consists of internships for High School Students, College Students, and Secondary School Teachers.

Martin Essex School for the Gifted
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