Royal Council


Royal Council

The Royal Council (Our Student Council)

Welcome to 2017-2018 student council!

Congratulations for being picked to represent your class as a student council member. This is a wonderful and important responsibility. This year we will be doing many service projects. Here is a monthly list of what we will be doing:

Sept. and Oct.-Begin our year long recycling program. We will be starting a school wide paper recycle program to teach the importance of recycling. Each week student council members will be required to go to assigned classrooms weekly and collect their recyclables. Wed.-3rd grade student council members checks the boxes of kindergarten and first grade classes, Thurs.-4th grade student council members check the boxes of second and third grade classes, Fri.-5th grade check the boxes of the fourth, fifth and specials classes.

Nov. Send candy grams from conferences. Student council members will ask for and collect donated Halloween candy and sell conference grams during conferences. Members will deliver grams the following week. Money will go to Hearts for Hammers, a local charity that assists the elderly with property maintenance.

Dec.-Student council will have a Chinese auction of donated baskets. Money will go to the food bank.

Feb. Student council members will sell and deliver lollipop/Valentine grams. Profits will go to a local pet shelter.

April-Student council members will clean up school grounds.

May-End of the year lunch for student council.

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