Safety Patrol


Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol - fifth grade

Safety Patrol

Edison's safety patrol is comprised of twenty-five fifth grade  students who are supervised by Mrs. Arnold and Mr. Gallagher. Students are selected for their outstanding citizenship in the classroom, dedication to academics, and commitment to safety. Students are assigned to an area that they must patrol each morning and evening.

The Process that the students go through to become a Safety Patrol member are listed below.

Selection Process

All fourth grade students are invited to apply for Edison's safety patrol. Students fill out an application form and write a short paragraph on what they would contribute to the patrol. Mrs. Arnold and Mr. Gallagher, with the help of the fourth grade teachers, select twenty-five students to serve on the next year's patrol. The highlight of this selection process is a safety patrol tapping assembly at the end of May.

Tapping Ceremony

As each new patrol member is tapped, a current patrol member pins them with a "Trainee" badge. When all new members have been tapped, the two captains and two lieutenants are announced. The excitement is at an all time high since no one knows who will be selected. The new "trainees" take their safety patrol oath to the students of Edison. Edison students in return take an oath to the patrol and the school to obey all safety rules. Safety patrol trainees are then paired with a current patrol member and go on duty. When the new school year starts, the trainees become official patrol members by receiving their sashes and badges.


All safety patrol members are expected to display safe habits at Edison. The patrol uses a merit/demerit system to ensure continued commitment to school safety. Patrol members receiving merits may receive a gold badge award to be worn for one month. These awards are passed out at monthly patrol meetings. Edison's safety patrol is a team effort. We work together with all students with one goal in mind: Keep Edison Safe!

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