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A Senior “Shout-out” in the South High Yearbook is a way to show your child, family, or friend what he or she means to you! Your words get published into the yearbook and directly touches students and their families. Your support and message is not only noticed, but much appreciated.

Below is an example of a half-page Shout-Out:
Shout-Out Order Form

The Shout-Out Order form allows you to complete them on a computer, using Microsoft Word. The form is to be no longer than 1 page so please ensure the 'Ad Text' section doesn't push the signature line and correction policy onto page 2. Use the following directions to open, complete, and save the form; when complete, you can email the completed form to for submission:

  • Click on the form - Click 'Open' in the dialog box - the form will open in Microsoft Word
  • Go to 'File' - 'Save As' in Word
  • In the 'Save In' location, use the dropdown arrow to locate the drive that you want to save the form to and then click 'Save'
  • Use the Tab Button (on your keyboard) to get to the first and next sections of the form to provide your responses; hold down the Shift key and then the Tab key to go to a previous section
  • Complete the form, ensure it is on 1 page, print, sign, and email
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