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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader (AR) is an assessment that primarily determines whether or not a child has read and/or understood a book that he/she has read. The software provides feed back to the teacher on the students comprehension, reading rates, and the amounts of reading completed.

Quizzes can be taken on fiction and non-fiction books. The quizzes contain 5, 10, or 20 multiple choice questions depending on the reading level and difficulty of the book. Most of the questions are literal and students must correctly answer a set number of questions in order to pass the quiz. Several of the very early primary books have voice-activated quizzes. Click on the current list of quizzes available for Edison Elementary School students to take by grade level or title.

The steps students take each time the begin to work on AR are:

  1. Students choose and read a fiction or non-fiction book.
  2. Teachers and/or parents monitor reading. In class, students may read their books in paired or stained silent reading times. (SSR) Teachers also help with reading skills during guided and textbook reading.
  3. The student take an AR test on the computer. Teachers receive information that can help to motive and monitor reading and vocabulary growth, as well as to help target small group instruction.


Reading Practice quizzes assess whether or not a student has read and comprehends a book. After a student has read an Accelerated Reader book (a book that has a related quiz in the Accelerated Reader database), he or she takes a quiz on Accelerated Reader via computer. The quizzes are multiple choice with 5, 10, and 20 questions depending on the book's difficulty and length. The questions ask literal comprehension questions. A student must correctly answer a set number of questions in order to pass an exam (usually 60%), then which he/she is given a percentage of points associated with the book depending on their achievement on the quiz. Teachers can track progress by percent of quizzes taken or achievement of points during a grading period.

Some quizzes have an optional recorded voice format for primary-level books (Kindergarten - Grade 1 level), in which the quiz questions and answers are read to the student taking the quiz. These quizzes are designed to help emerging English readers take the quizzes without additional assistance.

Literacy Skills quizzes assess 24 "higher order" thinking skills using material from specific books. These skills are somewhat tied to skills assessed on standardized tests.


Accelerated Reader reports are generated on demand and help students, teachers, and parents monitor student progress. If you have questions about the results your child's AR report printed, please set up a time to discuss it with your child's teacher.


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