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School of Innovation 3rd Grade Lottery Results
Attached are the results from the 2017 School of Innovation lottery that was held on February 22nd at 6:30PM.  

There are two columns in the file.  The first is their position in the lottery.   The second column is the student's ID number.

Their position in the lottery is identified by an A for Accepted or a W for Waitlist.  The number following the letter designates the order in which the student ID was drawn.  For Example, W23 would indicate that student is 23rd on the waitlist.

A1 - A22 were all accepted.  W1 - W78 are on the waitlist.

Those that have been accepted will receive a letter by March 6th with a response form.  Parents will need to either accept or decline the spot by March 17th by returning the response form.  If anyone declines, we will invite the next person on the waitlist.

Lottery Results