Computer Applications


Computer Applications

Computer Applications

Students are expected to become familiar with various computer applications. Concepts that are presented in class relate to each of the objectives listed below. Computer time follow up each classroom presentation. At the end of each unit, a group project is required that incorporates all skills used to that point. Microsoft 2016 is used for a large percentage of the projects. You can visit the website.  

Word Processing - word processing file manipulation, familiarity with the word processing window, general text formatting, business letters, spellchecking, use of thesaurus, inserting spreadsheets and graphics in documents, cutting, copying, pasting, etc... Check out Microsoft Word's web site. 

Spreadsheet - spreadsheet file manipulation, spreadsheet window, formatting, use of formulas and functions, etc... Check out Microsoft Excel's web site. Also see the Excel Review. Try some of these Reviews also.

Excel Toolbars Review or this Quia Review Game or Review #2 or a Review Quiz .

Database - database file manipulation, database window, form view, list view, form design view, creating database, merging into a form letter, etc... Check out Microsoft Access' web site

Graphics - Microsoft Publisher, Paint, Print Shop Deluxe, and Photostudio is used for various desktop publishing projects, manipulation of scanned images and digital photos, familiarity with drawing tools, etc...

PowerPoint is the leading multimedia presentation software. Click here to learn more... Here are a couple examples of games that can be made in Power Point .... Jeopardy ... Big Board .... Guess Louie ... To add videos that cannot be seen on the school computers into your Power Point, view this video about Zamzar video.
See PowerPoint Window and 10 Design Tips For Producing Powerful and Effective Presentations and PowerPoint Design Tips for background information.

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