Mr. Primavera's Updates


Mr. Primavera's Updates

Marching Band Weekly - Week of November 10th - Final Update 2019





    Congratulations on earning unanimous Superior ratings from all nine judges at State Contest yesterday.  Understand that this is truly an amazing accomplishment that very few bands across the state have achieved this season.  When you read the comment sheets, it appears that they were “no brainer” one ratings as well.   For you guys to attain these type of accolades, across all captions, at the highest level of standards in Ohio, in those temperatures is truly a testament to your dedication, hard work, focus and desire to put on the best performance possible.  As I told you from the track, I thought it was the most solid performance of the year and the video only confirmed that assessment.

    As I began to prepare for the final push to State, I felt that the concept of “be concerned with THE CHALLENGE (a I at State), not the challenges (weather conditions, levy) was a good way to look at the final weeks of preparation.  You had just successfully marched in a virtual hurricane at Brunswick, freezing cold at Norton, the sauna that was Avon Lake, have had to deal with your various life challenges, as well as all the noise regarding the levy.  My fear was that it would be very easy for you guys to get wrapped up in all of those other issues and lose the focus on your performance.  The weather, yeah, that can REALLY impact how you perform, and you have, for the most part, been able to deal with it very well.  The levy, well, that was a punch to the gut that I have rarely seen in my 28 years here.  I know the emotions and thoughts that crossed my mind when I woke up Wednesday morning and looked up the results and can only imagine what you were thinking.  The fact that you were able to overcome all of those issues and put on a SUPERIOR performance at the State level is truly remarkable.  You could have easily crumbled this week, but you didn’t, you just kept pushing forward.  I knew Saturday morning by the focus in rehearsal that you were ready to get the job done, and boy, did you.


    There are many that I need to thank, but for this message, I need to thank the Superintendent for enabling the Band Boosters to subsidize the transportation costs, the Band Boosters for paying for the buses and the U-Haul truck, Tim and Aaron for volunteering to drive the U-Haul as well as help with moving equipment and the staff for donating their time, efforts, support and expertise during this final week of the season.


    So as we begin to close out this incredible season, I would like to remind everyone to please clear out practice room D, which is where the water coolers and other lost items are stored.  They will be discarded at the end of this week, so please stop by and pick up your stuff.


    Another item is the upcoming Band Banquet.  Everyone should have received information regarding the banquet, if you did not, PLEASE EMAIL ME ( ASAP so that I can get you the information you need.  This is always a wonderful evening and would want for everyone to be there to celebrate this amazing season. 


    Lastly, I would like to let everyone know that with the upcoming levy drive, I will be doing everything I can to help ensure that all the programs that have been cut can be reinstated as soon as is possible.  For us, it has been 4 years of ones at State, two of those four years were straight ones and the other two were darn close.  The irony of the ending of our show this year, Momentum, where we have constant momentum through our show only to have it come to an abrupt end becomes a painful reality if things do not go well in March.   I know that a number of you have already begun to offer your help and I encourage everyone who is able to assist with educating the community of the importance and benefits of programs such as marching band to these students.  It is correct to say that knowing how to properly forward march 8 will probably not be incredibly helpful in their future (unless they audition for college marching bands or drum corps), but all of the other lessons such as time management, working with a group, responsibility, accountability and striving for excellence regardless of the circumstances are skills that are not measured on an AIR test, but are skills that need to be learned as these kids move on to adulthood.  


    Congratulations once again, and thanks all for a great season.



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