Code of Conduct and Dress Code


Code of Conduct and Dress Code

Willoughby Eastlake City Schools
Code of Conduct & Related Policies

Dress Code:

Students are required to dress in a manner that is safe, modest, and appropriate for their class or activity. Students should not dress in a manner that disrupts the learning environment. No policies or rules shall deprive any person of civil rights, enforce a particular code of morality, or espouse religious tenets. There must be a clear showing of a reasonable connection between any specific dress/grooming prohibition and negative effect on the student or the educational process. This Policy and Regulations shall be reviewed annually by the Superintendent or his/her designee, and recommended changes submitted to the Board for approval prior to implementation. 

The following attire is PROHIBITED during any school sponsored activities.
a. Over-sized, spandex, or extremely tight-fitting clothing. NO SAGGING PANTS. 7 
b. See-through clothing or material that reveals undergarments. 
c. Bare midriff, “crop tops”, halter tops, tank tops, tops with spaghetti straps, muscle shirts, and low-cut, revealing tops (no cleavage can be seen). 
d. Undergarments worn on the outside of clothing. 
e. Pajamas - either tops or bottoms. 
f. Garments with inappropriate language, violence, pictures, or suggestive references, including those relating to alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or sex. 
g. Any dress that causes or is likely to cause a hostile, intimidating, degrading, offensive, harassing, or discriminatory environment.
h. Cleats, slippers, flip-flops, footwear which damages school floors, or stiletto heels; sandals must have back straps. 
i. Spiked jewelry or chains. 
j. Coats, jackets, and gloves should not be worn in school. 
k. Hats and caps must be removed when entering building; hoods on sweatshirts may NOT be worn covering head. 

Facial Coverings:

As stated in Governor DeWine’s health and prevention guidelines, “Use of cloth face coverings can reduce the spread of respiratory droplets that, in infected people, carry and spread COVID-19.” Because of this, Willoughby-Eastlake City Schools (W-E) requires the use of face coverings on all properties in an effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19. To the extent possible, the district uses social distancing as the first line of defense. 

Persons on W-E campuses are required to wear face coverings, unless they are unable to do so due to an allowable face covering exemption as set forth in the W-E face covering guidelines. Persons unable to wear a face covering will be required to present written documentation to support the exemption being claimed, including but not limited to documentation by a medical professional, to their home school as to why they are unable to wear a face covering. 

The following are the specific requirements regarding students’ use of face coverings: 
A. Students are required to provide their own face coverings. 
B. All students, regardless of age, are required to wear a face covering when traveling on a school bus and sit in a seat assigned by the bus driver or other schoolpersonnel. 
C. All students in grades K-12 are required to wear a mask in all W-E school buildings when socially distancing is not possible (students are in a group or less than 6 feet from other persons). Students that are working independently, and are socially distanced, are permitted to work without a face covering, as directed by W-E staff. 
D. Students must wear face coverings in hallways during class changes 
E. During lunch students must wear face coverings while waiting in line in the cafeteria. Once at a table, students may remove the face covering to eat. If students need to get up and move around (example: go to bathroom, grab a napkin, etc.) the student must put his/her face covering back on. 

If a student FORGETS or LOSES a face covering, the following procedures will be followed: 
A. First time: A student will be provided a face covering from the office. 
B. Second time: A student will be provided a face covering from the office, the family will be notified and informed of the $1.00 charge for the third time. 
C. Third time: A student will be provided a face covering from the office, the family will be notified, $1.00 charge to the child’s student fees account. 
D. Additional occurrences: A student will be provided a face covering from the office, the family will be notified, $1.00 charge to the child’s student fees account. A consequence will be assigned to the student in accordance with the W-E School District Code of Conduct, progressive discipline applied.
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