EMS Staff

Willoughby-Eastlake School buildings are closed
Effective Monday, October 12th, All Willoughby-Eastlake students will transition to virtual learning and all buildings will remain closed until further notice.

EMS Staff

EMS Staff

Eastlake Middle School 2020-2021

Principal:   Dr. Colleen Blaurock
Assistant Principal: Mr. Mathew Sternberg

EMS Support staff:

Guidance Counselors: Ms. Casey Cook 

Mr. Steve LaCorte
Family Liaison: Ms. Jill Golnick
Library: Mr. Kirk Dressel
School Psychologist: Ms. Kelsey Demyen
School Nurse: Mrs. Lori Ehinger
Health-Aid:Ms. Makesha Dunlap
Principal's Secretary: Mrs. Jaimie Livorse
Clerical Secretary: Ms. Chrissy Mitchell
Educational Aides:Mrs. Carrie Glasier

Mrs. Stacy Pavlic

Mrs. Terry Patrick

Mr. Jeff Steinmetz

Ms. Julie Brown

Mrs. Debbie Ripple
Plant Supervisor: Mr. Russ Stankus
Custodians: Mr. Scott Weinman

Ms. Joyce Scalese
Food Service Manager: Mrs. Terri Bretz
Food Service: Mrs. B. Burdecki

Ms. Joann Morton

Mrs. Jennifer Cumberledge
Student Monitors: Ms. Kellie Karovich

Ms. Diana Sloban

Ms. Sherri Andrews

Mrs. Carol Bennett

Mrs. Chelsea Clifton

Mrs. Michelle Mason

Teaching Staff:
Kim AnzellsWilson Reading
Jack ArchualSocial Studies 7
Julie BaileyOccupational Therapist
Charlene CaminoIntervention Specialist
Jennifer Cawrse - Tompkins / Angie MalcheskyMathematics 8
Mackenzie ClarkIntervention Specialist
Amy ClendenningEnglish/Language Arts 7
Nick CramerEnglish/Language Arts 8, English 1
Shannon DishongIntervention Specialist
Erin Ertter                                       Class WebsiteScience 8
Monica FalzoneEnglish Language Learners
Michael FellensteinPhysical Education, Health
Jillian ForchtComputer Science
Derek GrabskiScience 6
Tracey GryzmalaIntervention Specialist
Paul HaganSocial Studies 8
Stephanie HardenChoir, Exploratory Music
Justine IaniroEnglish/Language Arts 6
Richard JohnsonScience 7 
Carla KeidelIntervention Specialist
Katrina MichalskiBand
Brett RammingPhysical Education
Ellen MurfeyIntervention Specialist 
Stephanie RoykoArt 
Karla SchwenkMathematics 6
Katie ShanahanIntervention Specialist
Michael StengerSocial Studies 6
Kelly WhiteMathematics 7
Rhoda WilsonSpanish
Mallory YeungIntervention Specialist

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