PBIS Overview

Eastlake Middle School is excited to announce that we will begin a new program at Eastlake Middle School under the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) framework. Through this program we hope to teach and reward students who show “RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and who are READY TO LEARN.”. 


The PBIS Program is a school-wide program that is designed to improve the overall academics and behavior of the school environment; therefore improving the success of all students. The purpose of the program is to promote positive success within the school environment and to reward students who do well both academically and behaviorally.  As a part of the program, when students demonstrate the target behaviors, they are to be rewarded with “Laker Bucks” for doing so (using the criteria below as a guide).  Students will have the opportunity to spend their “Laker Bucks” at the appropriate venue to purchase incentives.  


It is our hope that we will all work together to ensure that the PBIS Program designed to reward students who are “RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE and READY TO LEARN” is successful.  Parents/Guardians, please encourage your child(ren) to engage in positive behaviors and aim for success.


Schoolwide PBIS - Behavioral Expectations Matrix

Schoolwide PBIS - Behavioral Expectations Matrix - Classroom

Schoolwide PBIS - Hallway
Schoolwide PBIS - Behavioral Expectations - Cafeteria
Schoolwide PBIS - Behavioral Expectations - Arrival/Dismissal

Behavior Problem Flow Chart


The E+R=O Mindset is built on three simple and direct understandings.

  • I don’t control events.
  • I do control my response.
  • I create outcomes but I don’t control them.

Three things happen when you begin to see situations through The E+R=O Mindset. It starts small but meaningful and grows more impactful as you expand it.

  1. You feel more in control because you are.
  2. You see better opportunities because you can.
  3. You don’t waste time and energy trying to control things you’ll never control.


Tier 2:  Targeted Prevention
This level of support focuses on improving specific skill deficits students have. Eastlake Middle School provides Tier 2 supports to groups of students with similar targeted needs. Providing support to a group of students provides more opportunities for practice and feedback while keeping the intervention maximally efficient. Students may need some assessment to identify whether they need this level of support and which skills to address. Tier 2 supports help students develop the skills they need to benefit core programs at the school.  

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