Mr. Primavera's Updates


Mr. Primavera's Updates

Marching Band Update Number 22 Week of November 7, 2022

Willoughby South High School Marching Band

Update 22:  Week of November 7, 2022

Congratulations on earning a 

WELL -DESERVED SUPERIOR I rating at State!!!!!

    Despite the serious wind conditions, you were able to put on your undeniably best performance of the season yesterday.  It really was good guys, I’m not just saying that.  There is just something about those state week rehearsals that propel you to a whole new level.  Pretty much everything that I targeted this week for cleaning showed up on Saturday.  There was not a single musical pull in the entire show, which considering the challenge of being able to hear in 40 mph winds is a real accomplishment.  Minus that 20 minutes on Thursday  where you thought it would be a GREAT IDEA to remind me that “bad band” could still be there, it was a truly productive week of rehearsal.   

    After Copley, I told you that I thought the performance was executed pretty well, but came across as pretty “meh”.  You did not like hearing  that comment, but I think that kind of helped you understand that clean is important, but you have to truly PERFORM.  At Hoban, your performance was improved, but there was still a palpable sense of “meh”.  

Before we marched to the stadium to perform at Medina, I (shockingly) made it very short and sweet…  perform clean and sell the show, do that and you will be happy with the result.  And that is exactly what you did.  Looking at the 2 State General Effect judge sheets (my greatest area of concern after Copley), under the PERFORMANCE category (bottom of the sheet), 7 of the 8 general effect categories are highlighted as superior!  You sold the show, and as a result, you were happy with the outcome!  

The only IIs that you earned were one of the music judges, who was having an understandably difficult time hearing everything due to the wind and the auxiliary caption, which trying to spin flags, well,  in 40 mph winds is an exceedingly difficult task.   I firmly believe that had the wind not been an issue  you would have received unanimous I ratings from the judges (though I will be certainly happy with 4 out of 5 I’s at State).  The performance really was that good.

Next up is the Band Banquet on Monday, November 14 at 6:00 (dinner served at 6:30) at the LeVera party center.  This is always a truly wonderful evening where we all come together for one final time, share a delicious meal and celebrate a SUPERIOR season.  I sincerely hope that everyone can attend, it will be a wonderful evening.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that helped make this season a success.  The list of jobs needing to be performed is just too long to mention here, but to all the Band Boosters and parents who helped perform those tasks, the staff and members are sincerely grateful for your help.  It is not cliche to say that we couldn’t have done it without you, we couldn’t.  Thank you all!!!

ORLANDO  UPDATE:  Your next payment for the Orlando Trip is due November 30.  Like the last payment, you will need to go to the tour company website.  Our trip code is Willoughby8137.  Also, PLEASE double check the band calendar and BE SURE YOU ARE AVAILABLE THE FOLLOWING DATES…  Unless you are absent from school, you will be required to attend the following:

  • March 9, Rehearsal 7:00-8:30

  • March 16, Rehearsal 2:45-4:00

  • March 20:  All Trip Chaperones Meeting, 7:00

  • March 21:  Student and Parent pre-trip meeting, 7:00, LGI.  All participants and AT LEAST ONE PARENT MUST ATTEND THIS MEETING.

  • March 22, Rehearsal 2:45-4:00

  • March 23, Rehearsal 2:45-4:00

  • March 24, LUGGAGE DAY (we load the trailers for the long trip south…)

  • April 2, LUGGAGE RETURN DAY.  Times TBA


THIS  WEEK:  Week of November 7, 2022

Field Set this week:  Canadian Geese, and we KNOW what they are setting up.

Performances:   Only those in your dreams…

GOALS:   Relax, Relax, and Relax some more

Monday:  GO HOME!

Tuesday:  GO HOME!                    

Wednesday:  GO HOME!                

Thursday:   GO HOME!

Friday:   GO HOME!

Saturday:  STAY HOME!!!

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication.  The 2022-2023 Willoughby South Marching Band season was truly a memorable one!

Hope to see EVERYONE at the Band Banquet on Monday November 14 at the LeVera Party Center.


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