PBIS Bronze Winner

Congratulations North!

Congratulations to North High School on being designated by your State Support Team as a recipient of the Ohio PBIS Bronze Award for 2021-2022

Ranger buck

North High School Ranger Acknowledgements

Ranger Bucks-Students receive Ranger Bucks from staff members for showing they are Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn

Ranger Shop-Ranger Shop is open the last Friday of each month to make purchases with Ranger Bucks!  

Positive Referrals-Students are selected by classroom teachers for going over and beyond as an exemplary Ranger!

Ranger of the Month-Each month teachers nominate a student from each grade level as going over and beyond to show what it means to be a Ranger!  The nominated students are surprised with a Ranger of the Month yard sign in their front yard.

Rangers of the Month

Congratulations to the following Rangers of the Month!

  • Alex Johnson
  • Alec McNally
  • Brynne Smith
  • Sierra Smith
  • Ta'Ninya Carpenter
  • Joscelynn Carrigan
  • Ashley Chase
  • Shane Clark
  • Kera Federer
  • Austin Gracie
  • Logan Paul
  • Ryan Tahsler
  • Brian Wilson
  • Cecilia Argenti
  • Aniyah Brown
  • Dionna Chaney
  • Emmy Evans
  • Madisyn Kissinger
  • Bellany Coronel Martinez
  • Anna Miller
  • Mikey Mitchell
  • Grace Piercy
  • Jenna Blackburn
  • McKenna Carney
  • Ryan Caswell
  • Austin Gartland
  • Malekai Kobak
  • Amber Maxwell
  • Ashleigh Mayne
  • Liam Piotrowski
  • Keila Qorri
  • Logan Richter
  • Lincoln Billhardt
  • Dante Ganchorre
  • Zoey LaRiccia
  • Laure Philippe
  • Timothy Siracusa
  • Maggie Andrus
  • Katia Blatnik
  • Abby Clark
  • Troy Federici
  • TJ Godwin
  • Rory LeMay
  • Haily McRoberts
  • Sam Rayl
  • Ryan Whitfield
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